Accessories that cannot be missing from a home barista

Barista - coffee master

A barista is someone who professionally prepares and serves coffee. Such a person, with many years of experience, can create a real work of art, very pleasant to the palate and well-being. However, it turns out that you do not have to be a professional in this field to prepare delicious coffee at home. However, without the appropriate equipment we will not achieve the desired result. So what accessories will we need to achieve a high level of creativity when preparing coffee?

Coffee machine – which one to choose?

An indispensable tool when brewing coffee will be an appropriate coffee machine. If we want to save time, it is best to choose its automatic version. However, all those who want to have a big influence on the brewing process of this drink should buy a espresso machine. When it comes to economical versions of a coffee machine, a good solution is to buy a regular coffee maker. An automatic coffee machine is most often chosen by people who like to drink very good coffee with minimal personal involvement. Our market offers many versions of different devices of this type with different prices. Plastic versions are, of course, the cheapest, but they wear out quickly, which is why many home baristas choose more durable products. In addition, it is worth considering those machines that offer a wide range of coffee versions. This mainly concerns latte macchiato, espresso, cappuccino and americano. A good solution will be to choose a device that brews coffee for two people at the same time. Some versions have a built-in grinder and the ability to program the strength of the brewed specialty.

Advantages of portafilter coffee machines

Portable coffee machines are popular with home baristas who want to have a significant influence on the coffee brewing process. Such equipment allows you to control the extraction time and pressure. Some coffee machines have a built-in vibration pump and a temperature control system. Unfortunately, this type of equipment does not have a grinder, so you will need to purchase one additionally. When it comes to a coffee maker, it is the cheapest solution. This device has low pressure, but can prepare really strong coffee, both at home and while traveling. Versions made entirely of certified stainless steel are very popular.

Coffee grinder

Important accessories for a home barista include a coffee grinder. We offer manual or electric versions. When purchasing this equipment, it is worth paying attention to the grinding method. The best grinders are burr grinders and allow you to grind coffee in several ways. All this to ensure that each brewing method has the appropriate grain size. In this way, we can provide the black coffee with optimal taste conditions. If we plan to buy a grinder with blades for grinding coffee, we must know that this method of grinding produces large amounts of coffee dust, which will certainly not be beneficial for the barista.


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