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Coto Brus Red Honey

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Specialty coffee from Mott Coffee

Where do we get the beans from?

Direct import from the best growers.
Kawy rzemieślnicze z Kostaryki
Our home - our plantation

Costa Rica

Perfect taste, every day.
Kawy Mott Coffee z Hondurasu
Specialty coffees


100% Single Origin Arabica. 83.5 SCA.
Kawy Mott Coffee z Salwadoru
Specialty coffees

El Salvador

100% Single Origin Arabica. 82 SCA.
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Nicaragua, Brazil and more!

Polish specialty coffee roaster - Mott Coffee.

For many people, there is nothing more pleasant than starting the day with a steaming cup of aromatic beverage. As distributors and producers of specialty coffee in Poland, we perfectly understand such a morning ritual, and we also know that the quality of the beans determines the taste of the brew. On the market today there is no other proposal like the one you will find in our Polish roastery. See for yourself how much heart we put into the preparation of each individual package, so that you can enjoy its aesthetics and aroma.

Polish specialty coffee roasteryPrivate plantation in Costa RicaCoffees awarded by international expertsShipped straight from the roastery

Coto Brus Red Honey - Coffee beans 250g

Mott Coffee Coto Brus Red Honey coffee beans are an extraordinary specialty coffee that came to us straight from the Costa Rican mountains.

Its uniqueness is reflected in the richness of fruity flavor notes, with a noticeable hint of peach.

This coffee will surprise you with intense and interesting taste sensations, as well as a very noticeable, natural sweetness for coffee.

Coto Brus Red Honey coffee will be an excellent choice for lovers of medium roasted coffees, and its Costa Rican origin guarantees that you will receive beans that have passed the strict CCR quality control.

When you buy Coto Brus Red Honey coffee, you will receive 100% Arabica beans of one type. This is Single Origin Coffee.

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31,90 zł 39,90 złyou save 8,00 zł

Why Mott Coffee

How do we differ from commercial roasteries?

1. Selection of beans

Extraordinary coffee is produced in extraordinary conditions, which is why we obtain beans directly from the best growers.

2. Firing in the kiln

We roast organic seeds from private plantations masterfully in a high-quality oven, shortly before delivery.

3. Unrivaled taste

We are confident in the quality of our coffee, so we invite you for a tasting at one of our cafes.

4. Fast delivery

Can't you visit us? Nothing is lost! We will immediately send you a package with freshly roasted coffee.

Genuine gourmet coffee roaster

Our unique specialty coffee roasters bring products from regions of the world such as Costa Rica, Brazil and Vietnam to customers in Poland every day. These are places where you can purchase excellent beans, which are then roasted by us. We check them directly from specific plantations, so we know that the crops we choose represent the highest possible level. The entire roasting process is also under our strict control. As producers and distributors in Poland, we know that we cannot afford to make any concessions in terms of the quality and proper preparation of the crops we source.

Knowledge and advice

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Frequently asked questions

We roast our coffee every day in a professional roaster on site in Gorzyce, near Tarnów.

Yes! We have recently acquired over 100 hectares of land in Costa Rica to even better achieve the goal of selling the best specialty coffee.

Of course! Just let us know in a note when placing your order. We would like to remind you that in our store we distinguish 4 degrees of coffee roasting: light roast (II), medium roast (III), strong roast (IV) and very strong roast (V). We usually recommend medium roast, but it depends on the type of coffee.

Yes, most of our coffees are Specialty Single Blend coffees with a score above 80, which proves their highest quality.

You can brew our coffees in any way, excluding the capsule coffee machine. Regardless of whether you use an automatic coffee machine, coffee maker, AeroPress, drip or Chemex - the taste of Mott will stay with you for a long time!

Yes, it's possible! Contact our Customer Service Office for additional information. Soon we will also open the possibility of registering via our online store.

The answer is simple - our coffees are roasted on an ongoing basis and after a few days of necessary aging, they reach you and our cafes. Their recommended consumption period is 2 years, but we recommend drinking it within 3 months - then you can be sure that you are drinking the Mott we want.

Get to know our passion

How do we create Coto Brus Red Honey?

What is specialty coffee?

As a Polish coffee roaster in Tarnow, producers and distributors, we deal in specialty beans. The name defines its quality, which in the case of our products is high and extremely important. It is evaluated by objective sensory experts. Their opinions are influenced primarily by manual harvesting, detailed inspection of them at each successive stage, fair payment for the work of farmers and cooperation with small plantations that prepare goods especially for us - and ordered from a single source, which influences the typical taste of the area or producer.

For fans of the highest quality

Coto Brus Natural - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
116,90 zł 119,00 zł
Coto Brus Natural - Coffee beans 1000g
Save 2,10 zł Single Origin
Tarrazu Red Honey - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
109,90 zł
Tarrazu Red Honey - Coffee beans 1000g
Single Origin
Coto Brus Red Honey - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
109,90 zł
Coto Brus Red Honey - Coffee beans 1000g
Single Origin
Tarrazu Yellow Honey - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
104,90 zł 109,90 zł
Tarrazu Yellow Honey - Coffee beans 1000g
Save 5,00 zł Single Origin
Coto Brus White Honey - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
99,90 zł
Coto Brus White Honey - Coffee beans 1000g
Single Origin
Yancunu - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
59,90 zł
Yancunu - Coffee beans 1000g
Single Origin
Torito  - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
59,90 zł
Torito - Coffee beans 1000g
Single Origin
Vallenato  - Kawa ziarnista 1000g
57,99 zł 74,90 zł
Vallenato - Coffee beans 1000g
Save 16,91 zł Single Origin

Quality and taste always come first

During our work as producers and distributors in Tarnow, first and foremost, we always focus on ensuring that the beans offered to customers meet the highest standards. As a specialty coffee roaster, we know that this is what is expected of us above all. All of our energies are therefore directed towards obtaining products of excellent quality. This way you can enjoy an aromatic drink, the taste of which you will not forget for a long time.
For example, Tarrazu or Coto Brus are available on our shelves. They all differ in aroma, which can be, for example, nutty, have subtle notes of chocolate or fruit.

Our customers' opinions

Average 4.9 on Google Maps
Tomek BOpinion about the Mott Coffee Tarnów cafe

Mott Cafe is a real gem for coffee lovers. An ideal place for business meetings.

CatherineOpinion about Mott Coffee Rzeszów

Great specialty coffee at a low price. Very nice service, atmospheric music in the background.

ChristopherOpinion about the Mott Coffee Tarnów cafe

Deadly good coffee, great and fast service, good atmosphere too! I highly recommend it to everyone!