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About Mott Coffee

Mott Coffee Company is a Polish specialty coffee roastery specializing in the distribution of coffee, mainly from Costa Rica . The company focuses on the highest quality and unique taste. Mott Coffee obtains beans directly from coffee growers, so customers receive extremely tasty and aromatic beans from reliable suppliers.

Coffee roasting

The greatest flavor values ​​come from coffee beans freshly roasted and ground before consumption. The coffee retains its best taste for up to 3 months from the date of roasting. Studies have shown that after three months, coffee slowly loses its flavor. Mott Coffee practices roasting coffee on an ongoing basis. It is impossible for the coffees to be roasted after ordering because each roasted coffee must rest for at least 48 hours before being packed into bags so that the gases produced during roasting can evaporate.

Coffee characteristics

Natural coffee, dried whole, i.e. together with the skin and pulp. After harvesting the fruit from the coffee bushes, the fruit is dried in the sun for at least 21 days and then the dried peel and pulp are separated from the coffee beans.

Red Honey coffee is also dried in the sun for at least 21 days. Only the peel is removed from the coffee fruit, while the pulp that covers the coffee bean is dried together with the coffee bean on the so-called African tables.

Yellow Honey coffee is dried in exactly the same way as Red Honey. The difference between Yellow Honey and Red Honey is that with Yellow Honey, in addition to removing the skin, part of the pulp is also removed.

The coffee fruit is very sweet. The pulp that surrounds the coffee bean contains a sweet juice called Honey, which is why coffee beans dried in this way absorb flavors from the pulp until they are dried. Commercial coffees have their skin and pulp removed using water under pressure or mechanically. Commercial beans are less aromatic and less flavorful than specialty coffees.

Offer for companies

Mott Coffee is a company that decided to meet the needs of not only private customers, but also business customers, such as cafes, hotels, restaurants and offices. We want the coffee brewed in such places to be of the highest quality and please the palates of everyone who tastes it. That's why we take matters into our own hands and provide our customers with only the best products. We want to continue to develop and we can ensure that the customer's needs will always be our top priority. In addition to the highest quality coffee beans, we also offer accessories necessary for its preparation. We have already been trusted by many people who are not interested in products of unknown origin and low quality commonly available in supermarkets.

What do you gain by working with us?

By working with us, you can count on support in many issues. First of all, we will provide you with the highest quality coffee that people staying in the office, cafe, restaurant or hotel will be able to enjoy. You can also count on the necessary accessories for its preparation, which will allow you to extract the best taste from the coffee.

Coffee beans

Coffee beans from Costa Rica and Guatemala allow you to prepare a drink with a deep aroma that every gourmet will appreciate. Your customers or guests will immediately feel that the coffee offered to them is not the cheapest product from the market. You can choose from coffees with different degrees of roasting and flavor intensity. Some variants are characterized by strong acidity, others by a noticeable note of bitterness or sweetness. Each option is 100% Arabica and can be brewed in many ways, including: in a coffee maker or espresso machine. The coffee beans we offer have unique flavors. They are individual in each case - they can combine notes of citrus and honey or provide a noticeable taste of chocolate or cherry. Our roastery is based in Poland, so by purchasing our products you also support local businesses. Contact us if you want to receive an individual cooperation proposal tailored to your needs.

Coffee accessories

Preparing a high-quality aromatic drink requires more than just the best quality grain. We are talking about coffee accessories, without which it would be impossible to prepare them. They enable, for example, grinding grains or frothing milk. Our products make it easy for everyone to prepare a drink in the most professional way. We offer, among others: electric kettle with digital temperature control. Temperature is important in the taste of brewed coffee, so it should be monitored accordingly. The optimal temperature is 88 degrees Celsius. The grinders we offer have a 14-level grinding scale, which allows you to prepare the perfect drink. A scale will also be useful to measure the correct amount of coffee in order to extract the best aroma from it. In addition to the devices, we also offer porcelain and thermal mugs that impress with their excellent workmanship and varied colors.

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