Parameters you should pay attention to when preparing drip coffee

Drip coffee is very popular because it is not difficult to prepare, the infusion prepared this way is exceptionally tasty and quickly available. Drip coffee is also often served in cafes and restaurants. To become a home barista and prepare such an aromatic infusion at home, you just need to follow a few rules and tips.

Drip coffee - what is worth remembering?

Pour-over coffee brewing methods involve passing water through a properly ground layer of coffee. The water should be at the right temperature so that it can be saturated with coffee aromas. This method of brewing is used by a pour-over coffee machine, as well as a drip coffee machine, the name of which comes from the English word kapać. The history of brewing coffee in this way dates back to 1908, when Melitta Bentz patented the preparation of drip coffee. She made holes in the base of a brass jug and used a piece of paper torn from a notebook as a filter; previously, various types of fabrics were used instead of a filter. Coffee prepared in this way was clear, without grounds and exceptionally delicate and aromatic. The pour-over method of brewing coffee has been constantly improved since then, but the concept of brewing through a filter is still the same.

What should you pay attention to when preparing drip coffee?

The basis for preparing good drip coffee is choosing the right type. Light roasted beans are recommended, they make the infusion more saturated. In order to expand the palette of flavors, you can use various coffee mixtures consisting of beans from different parts of the world. This way you can notice subtle differences in the taste of the coffee. The drink prepared in this way retains more aromas and caffeine. Dark roasted beans are often associated with greater coffee strength, but they only affect the perceived bitter taste of the drink. It is also worth knowing that brewing coffee with water at a lower temperature makes the sweetness more noticeable. To get this taste of coffee, just pour water over it and let it stand for 3-4 minutes after boiling.

Drip coffee brewing method

To prepare coffee, you need the right amount of beans, water, a drip with a filter and a vessel into which the coffee will be poured. 6 grams of coffee is optimal for 100 milliliters of water, regardless of whether it is coffee beans or factory-ground coffee. Coarser ground beans are recommended. The water temperature should be 90 degrees C. Perform the following steps:

  • Place a paper filter in the dripper and pour some hot water over it, this will prevent the taste of the paper from getting into the drink.
  • Pour the recommended amount of coffee into the dripper; depending on your preferences, the amount may differ slightly from the recommended amount.
  • Pour a small amount of water so that the entire layer of coffee is moistened and wait from 30 to 60 seconds, this is how the pre-infusion process takes place, i.e. the release of the aroma.
  • Then pour the rest of the prepared water over the whole thing; the duration of the drip coffee brewing process should not exceed 3 minutes.

To prepare an aromatic coffee drink at home, all you need is good quality beans and a brewing drip. In such a case, the best choice is fresh and light roasted coffee.


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