Coffee harvest from Costa Rica

Did you know that the coffee you will be able to try here in 2021 is harvested at the end of 2020?

The process of harvesting and processing coffee beans is a long-term process that is already being carried out by friendly farmers from Costa Rica.

Coffee beans are red right after being picked. In most varieties, this color is a signal to the farmer that the coffee beans are ripe. It's harvest time.

Our coffee beans are harvested by hand. This is a very time-consuming harvesting method because it involves manually peeling the fruit from each tree in the plantation. Then, initial selection is made and the beans are passed on for further processing.

The coffee we import from Costa Rica is dried naturally on special tables in sunny places for up to 21 days! Coffee cherries are rotated regularly so that they dry evenly, this process also prevents the fruit from fermenting. This is the so-called dry method of coffee processing.

Coffee straight from the hot country of Central America is a taste you must try!


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