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GREEN cold drink mug - 500 ml

45,00 zł

Thermal mug for cold drinks with opener

The thermal mug with a capacity of 500 ml is made of stainless steel and strong plastic.

A mug for cold drinks with insulation using temperature retention technology.

Just pour a cold drink into a thermal mug to enjoy a cold drink on hot days.

The mug holds the hand very well thanks to the use of solid, non-slip material.

It also has a lid with an opener and a convenient mouthpiece.

It is perfect for storing cold and hot drinks.

Comfortable mouthpiece that prevents spilling while drinking.

Perfect for walking with a cold drink to the park.

Thermal Mugs - cleverly thought-out design

We have made every effort to ensure that our designer MOTT COFFEE thermal mugs are carefully made of the highest quality metal .

Double walls made of stainless steel with a vacuum inside, provide excellent thermal insulation, protect your drink from temperature loss.

  • The drinks also do not enter into unwanted chemical reactions with the walls of the cups, which means they do not transfer odors and keep your drink fresh.
  • Practical to use and easy to clean .
45,00 zł
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