Mott Coffee

Thermal mug WHITE LENS - 350 ml

57,00 zł

LEEKTYW Mott Coffee thermal mug - 350ml

Or maybe coffee through the lens? Why not!

Even the smallest details of a real lens are reproduced with great fidelity. Our mug is not only a plastic imitation of a lens, but also has a stainless steel insert, which serves as a thermal mug, maintaining the temperature of the drink. A thermal mug like a lens will be an ideal gift for photography enthusiasts but also for anyone who loves unique gadgets.

  • a mug in the shape of a camera lens,
  • special filling of the cup prevents heat loss of the stored liquid,
  • perfect gift for photography lovers
  • not suitable for washing in a dishwasher
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • designer look
  • Suitable for all types of drinks : teas, coffee, soft drinks, etc.
57,00 zł
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