Mott Coffee

Thermo mug GRAY (small) - 320ml

45,00 zł

Mott Coffee thermal mug - (small) - 320ml

MOTT COFFEE Thermo Mug is positive energy, warmth and aroma of your favorite coffee or tea always with you

Say "NO" to holding hot coffee in paper cups with your fingertips, which spill and burn your hands and mouth when you are in a hurry! Thanks to our designer MOTT COFFEE thermal mugs, you can take your best, unique and unique coffee or tea with you, straight from your kitchen, or if you prefer, pour the coffee from the station straight into your new mug. Your fingers will no longer burn and your favorite infusion will accompany you hot at work or while traveling until your second breakfast . Let the aroma of perfectly brewed coffee fill the space of your office, car, jet, yacht or other means of transport. Let the positive aura you exude float with the aroma of delicious coffee or tea wherever you go.

45,00 zł
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