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Mila Espresso - Coffee beans 1000g

64,90 zł

Craft coffee beans

75% Robusta / 25% ArabicaVietnam and BrazilBurn-in: VShort900-1100 meters above sea levelSCA Lack

Mott Mila Espresso is a carefully selected blend of Robusta and more heavily roasted Arabica coffee beans.

Why do we roast Arabica harder? Because we want to achieve a unique flavor profile that is characterized by an intense aroma and deep flavor. By specially roasting Arabica, we give our blend the richness and expressiveness that coffee connoisseurs are looking for.

We assure you that each cup of our Coffee Blend will provide an unforgettable taste experience, thanks to carefully selected ingredients and a unique roasting process.

Fragrance notes: Intense chocolate and nutty

Flavor notes: Intense strong chocolate and nut

Craft coffee beans

  • 75% Robusta / 25% Arabica


  • Vietnam
  • Brazil


  • Central Highlands, Santos

Degree of burnout

  • V

Botanical variety:

  • Bourbon
  • Caturra


  • Washed

Acquisition method:

  • Natural

Weight: 1000 g


  • Espresso machine
  • Pour-over coffee
  • Alternative brewing
  • Coffee maker
  • AeroPress
  • French Press
  • Chemex
  • Drip
64,90 zł
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Flavor notes and characteristics

Every gourmet wants to know what exactly will end up in their cup, so read this information before purchasing:

Coffee type: Kraft

Coffees can be divided into 3 categories, corporate/industrial coffees, craft/artisanal coffees and specialty coffees.

Mila Espresso is a craft coffee that is characterized by very high quality beans, comes from good plantations and undergoes a rigorous selection of beans, is roasted in small batches under the supervision of experienced roasters and, unlike corporate coffees, is free from any artificial additives and flavors. And that's what Mott Mila Espresso is like.

Flavor notes: nuts, chocolate

Acidity: low

Coffee lovers are divided into those who prefer bitter and sour coffees. If you belong to the first group, Mila Espresso will be the perfect choice.

Body: medium

The body of the Mila Espresso infusion is described as medium, which, when roasted slightly stronger, tempts with its awakening and energizing bitterness.

Flavor intensity: high

Mila Espresso is characterized by a noticeable intensity of flavors with a strongly marked bitterness, making it suitable for waking up in the morning and as a natural, healthy energy drink when you lack energy or when you need more of it than usual.

Roast profile: Strong

The strong degree of roasting used in this blend was chosen to balance the high caffeine content in beans from the Robusta family while maintaining all taste values. Please note that Mila Espresso is roasted to a strong degree, but not over-roasted, like many corporate coffees.

Our coffees are 100% natural and, unlike popular corporate coffees, are free from artificial additives and flavors, so the richness of taste comes entirely from nature and contains an abundance and depth of various flavor notes.

This makes them perfect for any brewing method.


Perfectly selected Mott Mila Espresso packaging guarantees the best way to store and transport coffee.

  • A disposable "seal" which, once removed, gives you access to the coffee. It guarantees that you are the first to open the coffee.
  • The valve only releases the gases produced during coffee roasting to the outside, but does not allow atmospheric air to get inside. Thanks to this, the coffee stays fresh for a long time.
  • The zipper closure tightly protects the coffee every time you open the package and close it again.

Welcome to Mott Coffee roastery

My story with Mott Coffee began when, after achieving success in the construction industry, I decided to devote myself to my true passion - coffee. I started traveling around Central America, where I had the opportunity to establish personal, friendly relationships with the best growers and explore the richness of local flavors.

The key is the grain

At Mott Coffee, we focus on providing only the best quality coffee. Each grain is carefully tasted and inspected, and the method of processing is selected individually on the plantations. Thanks to this, coffees from our roastery in Gorzyce are unique, fresh and high-quality. We send coffee directly to customers, which guarantees its highest freshness.

We have also recently purchased a coffee plantation in Costa Rica with an area of ​​almost 100 hectares to ensure that we offer you the best possible beans!

The final, crucial stage

For us, the roasting process is a key element influencing the taste of coffee. We roast most of our coffees medium, which allows us to preserve all the subtle flavor notes. Thanks to this, each cup of our coffee turns into a unique pleasure to which our customers eagerly return.

Our roastery, thanks to the commitment and experience of our roasting specialist, Tomek Wałek, creates perfect coffees every day that delight with taste and aroma. We focus on naturalness and artisan processing methods , which makes our coffee free from artificial additives and full of real flavor. We invite you to try our coffee and see how much difference there is in a cup of truly good coffee.