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MOTT COFFEE milk frother

119,00 zł

Discover the art of perfectly frothed milk with the Shardor electric frother! Three operating modes, from hot frothing to heating, allow you to prepare a variety of drinks, from Caffe Latte to hot chocolate. Fast, quiet, and efficient, this frother turns milk into long-lasting froth in just 90-180 seconds. Safety comes first thanks to high-quality stainless steel and a temperature controller. Easy to use and clean thanks to the removable base, removable whisk and anti-noise coating. Change your coffee experience today with the reliable Shardor frother!

Discover the taste of coffee again! Order your Shardor frother today and create the perfect froth for your favorite drinks. Invest in aromatic experiences – Enjoy every sip!

119,00 zł
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