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Tarrazu Yellow Honey - Coffee beans 100g

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Specialty coffee beans

100% ArabicaCosta RicaBurn-in: IIIHigh1600-1800 meters above sea levelSCA 84

Mott Coffee Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee beans are an extraordinary specialty coffee that came to us straight from the central part of Costa Rica.

Its uniqueness is reflected in the richness of various flavor notes, dominated by intense citrus notes. However, the infusion of this coffee is delicate and not too bitter.

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AROMA: Intense and citrus
GRADE: 100% Arabica
WEIGHT: 100 g

Fragrance notes: Intense citrus

Flavor notes: Citrus note

Specialty coffee beans

  • 100% Arabica


  • Costa Rica


  • Tarrazu

Degree of burnout

  • III

Botanical variety:

  • Caturra


  • Yellow Honey Process

Acquisition method:

  • Natural

Weight: 100 g


  • Espresso machine
  • Pour-over coffee
  • Alternative brewing
  • Coffee maker
  • AeroPress
  • French Press
  • Chemex
  • Drip
14,90 zł
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Mott Coffee Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee beans are an extraordinary specialty coffee that came to us straight from the central part of Costa Rica.

Its uniqueness is reflected in the richness of various flavor notes, dominated by intense citrus notes. However, the infusion of this coffee is delicate and not too bitter.

You are on the official store of the Mott Coffee roastery. We tasted all our coffees, looked at the beans and individually selected the method of processing them personally at each plantation. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed uniqueness, freshness and quality. We send coffee directly from our roastery in Gorzyce to you.

Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee will be an ideal choice for lovers of medium roasted coffees, and its Costa Rican origin guarantees that you will receive beans that have passed the strict CCR quality control.

*CCR collects coffee samples and protects the origins of Costa Rican coffee, but does not travel and check every farmer's harvest.

When you buy Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee, you will receive 100% Arabica beans of one type. This is Single Origin Coffee.


Arabica Mott Coffee Tarrazu Yellow Honey beans come from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. This region is famous for its volcanic soils. It is characterized by mountainous terrain as it is located in the central part of the country, in the Cordillera Mountains, and covers the area around the Poás volcano. The volcanic soils, called andosols, are very fertile and rich in nutrients, which is beneficial for growing coffee, for which the Tarrazu region is famous. Additionally, the high quality of coffees from this region is influenced by specific climatic conditions and the characteristic topography of the area. At an altitude of 1,300 m above sea level, there are ideal conditions for growing coffee, and the cool climate means that coffee beans ripen slowly. This difficult-to-reach area makes it impossible to grow coffee in a mechanized way. For this reason, coffee is grown and harvested exclusively by hand. Working in difficult terrain requires high skills, which is why our growers entrust this task only to qualified and experienced workers. Our coffees are unique, so you can be sure that you will not find another one the same. Our specialists were personally entrusted with the selection of the strain and processing method, which guarantees that the coffee is made only for us. Each coffee has its own unique character and history that you will discover with every sip. Yellow Honey is the name of the production process in which coffee beans are dried naturally in the sun, along with part of the coffee fruit pulp. Thanks to this, the grain is saturated with minerals and vitamins, which give it its characteristic taste. That's why we named our coffee "Mott Coffee Tarrazu Yellow Honey".


The dominant flavor notes of Tarrazu Yellow Honey are intense citrus notes, which, combined with noticeable acidity, create a harmonious, coherent whole. It will certainly delight anyone looking for a unique taste experience. Depending on the method of preparation, its acidity may be more visible - if you brew it in a Chemex, and its less acidic variant can be discovered by brewing it in an espresso machine. It also goes well with popular additives such as milk, for example in a latte or Americano. However, lovers of bitter espresso are unlikely to find it a lunch companion, because the espresso prepared from this coffee will bombard you with a refreshing taste with a surprising note of citrus fruits. If you are a fan of coffee with more intense acidity and a more refreshing taste, Tarrazu Yellow Honey will be the perfect choice for you during the day.


The richness of flavors and aromas of Mott Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee makes it suitable not only for portafilter or automatic coffee machines, but also for other coffee machines, such as drip coffee makers, coffee makers, French presses, and even for traditional brewing. This coffee will successfully wake you up in the morning and will also stay with you for the rest of the day.

In our roastery, we recommend the most recommended methods of preparing Tarrazu Yellow Honey

Chemex - 6g of medium or coarse ground coffee per 100ml of water

Espresso - 8g of finely ground coffee per 25 ml of brew

White Americano - 8g of finely ground coffee per 300 ml of infusion + 20% milk

It is our practice that coffee should be consumed within 3 months from the date of roasting

Remember to store opened coffee tightly closed in a dark and dry place.

Welcome to Mott Coffee roastery

My story with Mott Coffee began when, after achieving success in the construction industry, I decided to devote myself to my true passion - coffee. I started traveling around Central America, where I had the opportunity to establish personal, friendly relationships with the best growers and explore the richness of local flavors.

The key is the grain

At Mott Coffee, we focus on providing only the best quality coffee. Each grain is carefully tasted and inspected, and the method of processing is selected individually on the plantations. Thanks to this, coffees from our roastery in Gorzyce are unique, fresh and high-quality. We send coffee directly to customers, which guarantees its highest freshness.

We have also recently purchased a coffee plantation in Costa Rica with an area of ​​almost 100 hectares to ensure that we offer you the best possible beans!

The final, crucial stage

For us, the roasting process is a key element influencing the taste of coffee. We roast most of our coffees medium, which allows us to preserve all the subtle flavor notes. Thanks to this, each cup of our coffee turns into a unique pleasure to which our customers eagerly return.

Our roastery, thanks to the commitment and experience of our roasting specialist, Tomek Wałek, creates perfect coffees every day that delight with taste and aroma. We focus on naturalness and artisan processing methods , which makes our coffee free from artificial additives and full of real flavor. We invite you to try our coffee and see how much difference there is in a cup of truly good coffee.