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Zestaw Kawa Ziarnista Maravilla + Yancunu

97,90 zł

Zestaw kaw

100% ArabicaHonduras and NikaraguaBurn-in: III and IVŚrednia1400 m.n.p.mSCA
  • Maravilla Nikaragua:
    • mieszanka najwyższej jakości 100% Arabik
    • smak bardzo zbalansowany, łagodna wyczuwalna goryczka
    • Kawa o łagodnym smaku z nutami czekolady i orzechów.
    • Średnia kwasowość i body
    • Pochodząca z Nikaragui, kraju wulkanów i egzotycznych smaków.
  • Yancunu Honduras:
    • Kawa o wyrazistym smaku z nutami delikatnych cytrusów, czekolady i winogrona.
    • Średnia kwasowość i body dla miłośników słodkich doznań.
    • Pochodząca z Hondurasu, kraju o tajemniczych terenach i niezwykłej przyrodzie.

Fragrance notes: Intensywny czekoladowo - cytrusowy

Flavor notes: Czekolada, owoce/Czekolada, orzech i cytrus

Zestaw kaw

  • 100% Arabica


  • Honduras
  • Nikaragua


Degree of burnout

  • III
  • IV

Botanical variety:


  • Washed (Proces mokry)

Acquisition method:

  • Na mokro

Weight: 2000 g


  • Ekspres ciśnieniowy
  • Ekspres przelewowy
  • Parzenie alternatywne
  • Kawiarka
  • AeroPress
  • French Press
  • Chemex
  • Drip
97,90 zł
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Welcome to Mott Coffee roastery

My story with Mott Coffee began when, after achieving success in the construction industry, I decided to devote myself to my true passion - coffee. I started traveling around Central America, where I had the opportunity to establish personal, friendly relationships with the best growers and explore the richness of local flavors.

The key is the grain

At Mott Coffee, we focus on providing only the best quality coffee. Each grain is carefully tasted and inspected, and the method of processing is selected individually on the plantations. Thanks to this, coffees from our roastery in Gorzyce are unique, fresh and high-quality. We send coffee directly to customers, which guarantees its highest freshness.

We have also recently purchased a coffee plantation in Costa Rica with an area of ​​almost 100 hectares to ensure that we offer you the best possible beans!

The final, crucial stage

For us, the roasting process is a key element influencing the taste of coffee. We roast most of our coffees medium, which allows us to preserve all the subtle flavor notes. Thanks to this, each cup of our coffee turns into a unique pleasure to which our customers eagerly return.

Our roastery, thanks to the commitment and experience of our roasting specialist, Tomek Wałek, creates perfect coffees every day that delight with taste and aroma. We focus on naturalness and artisan processing methods , which makes our coffee free from artificial additives and full of real flavor. We invite you to try our coffee and see how much difference there is in a cup of truly good coffee.