Chemex or v60? How to prepare the best filter coffee

Chemex or V60? How to prepare the best filter coffee

Filter coffee is prepared in a coffee machine. It is tasty coffee, but it is not coffee from an espresso machine. However, it can be equally tasty. You just need to know how to prepare it and how to serve it. You can serve it with sugar, xylitol, milk, unique chocolate syrup, sprinkled with chocolate shavings or with a cloud of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. There are many ways to serve such coffee and it is worth using them as often as possible.

Chemex or V60? that is the question

Chemex is a device for brewing coffee using the pour-over method, which produces a delicious, aromatic brew. It is a simple method and the coffee is exceptional. Many people prefer this type of coffee to that from an espresso machine or AeroPress. This is a simple and quick way to get delicious coffee. Chemex is a type of glass jug with a filter, ground coffee is poured into it and a delicious brew is obtained. It's an easy method, and the coffee smells heavenly and tastes delicious. Excellent quality and low price are the advantages of such delicious coffee. Use a ratio of 60 grams of coffee per liter of water. This will allow you to obtain delicious coffee with excellent taste and exceptional quality. It can be Arabica, Robusta or any other coffee. You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy a top-class brew. In Poland, Chemex has been known for a short time, but it has been a sensation in the world for years. Recently it has given way to espresso machines, but there are people who cannot imagine any other coffee than from Chemex.

V60 is a ceramic dripper that produces excellent coffee. Is it worth buying? Definitely yes, it's cheap and the brew from this dripper is fabulous. It is worth reaching for such a dripper and enjoying unique coffee. Quality, uniqueness and taste are what many people expect.

Which is better - Chemex or V60?

That is the question. Coffee from both such vessels is excellent, tastes great and gives a unique taste sensation. Customers appreciate this type of coffee and want to enjoy it always. There is nothing better than coffee from such devices. Quality, solidity and beautiful appearance characterize Chemex and V60. The devices can be a great gift at a low price. The only important thing is to prepare the coffees according to the recipe. Every person should learn how to prepare a delicious infusion for themselves or for guests. If someone does not like either Chemex or V60, they can buy another device, e.g. a drip or pressure coffee machine or AeroPress. It all depends on the taste and needs of a given person. Brewing coffee in a Chemex or V60 has something of magic, alchemy or secret knowledge about it. The espresso machine is a quite ordinary device that works really well and allows you to enjoy brewing an aromatic, tasty and deeply flavored drink. Black, plain, or with milk and other additives. Experts say that coffee must be strong and tarry. However, not everyone likes very strong, bitter coffee. Additives such as sugar, milk and whipped cream enhance the taste of this coffee.


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