What is single origin coffee?

What is single origin coffee?

Most of us, no matter where we are, cannot imagine our day without a cup of aromatic coffee. Despite the huge number of methods of brewing coffee and diversifying it with many additions, the beans play a major role in every variant of its serving. Single origin coffee is an extremely interesting choice. What is it and why is it so popular? Let's take a closer look at the issue.

Single origin, i.e. specialty coffee

Single origin literally translated into Polish means "single source". However, the correct translation from English is the term "specialty coffee". This nomenclature may lead us to the correct deduction. Single origin is single-origin coffee from a single harvest. The harvest comes from one specific crop from a given region.

Why are single origin coffees so popular?

Single origin coffee is certainly a product that stands out from other coffees. Its most important feature is traceability through its unique taste and aroma. Moreover, knowing where the coffee brewed in your favorite cup or mug came from allows you to learn about local flavors. The single origin type is especially loved by true lovers of black infusion. Awareness of the origin allows you to organoleptically check how the air and nature of a given region affect the final taste of coffee. The shape of coffee trees and beans defines every corner of the world.

In addition to their cognitive values, single origin coffees are characterized by a much richer and more intense flavor than blends of beans. It is not without reason that single origin coffee is called exclusive coffee. Moreover, unlike coffee blends, which taste similar, single origin coffee variants are completely different from each other. It is a very difficult task to confuse the taste of coffees from different regions. Specific, characteristic notes from different parts of the world clearly define the taste of the coffee in our cup.

Knowledge and experience - give yourself an unforgettable trip

Do you want to go on a trip around the world in the comfort of your home, apartment or office? If you dream of experiencing the regional taste of coffee, single origin is a perfect choice. The MOTT COFFEE online store is a place offering a wide, diverse range of coffee beans, teas, sets and accessories that will allow for perfect, intoxicating moments of relaxation. Here we can also find top-class single origin coffees. Terrazu Yellow Honey growing in the Terrazu Highlands of Costa Rica. Laurina from the Central Valley, Costa Rica, which is an extremely rare variety of coffee. Luca from the Cajamarca area of ​​Peru. Nika from Nueva Segovia from Nicaragua. These are just a few examples of exclusive coffee that will delight us with its taste, allowing us to gain priceless knowledge and experience about different parts of the world.

Drinking coffee is a great adventure, and finding the one that perfectly suits our tastes requires many trials and experience. Which single origin do you choose?


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