French press - preparing the perfect coffee

Preparing the perfect coffee is not easy

Fortunately, in recent years, many devices have been developed that make this task easier. We used to have to be prepared to go to a restaurant or visit someone who had an espresso machine, but today it's really simple. Of course, not everyone expects coffee to have a refined taste, but there are more and more "coffee lovers" in our country who expect it. We decided to check what it's like to prepare coffee in a French press, which will delight with its taste and aroma.

What is French press?

The question that is worth starting the entire discussion about coffee is what a French press really is. The answer to this question will be easier when we hear the word "coffee maker". The name of this device is not accidental, because it is rightly associated with France. The most interesting thing, however, is that the creation of the French press is attributed to an Italian, Atillo Calimani. This is only part of the truth, because it was designed in the second half of the 19th century. 19th century by the French: Henri-Otto Mayer and Jacques-Victor Delfroge.

Interestingly, the French press can brew not only coffee, but also tea, cold brew or whip foam. It owes its popularity to the fact that it perfectly reflects the taste of natural coffee. The liquid brewed in it becomes delicious in taste, you can feel the burning of the seeds and it is thick. Even people who don't drink such coffee every day will notice that this is a product that offers much more. Additionally, it is a product that allows you to conduct numerous experiments. You can mix the proportions of water and coffee, and even smaller tricks affect its quality, such as the pressure of the plunger.

The big advantage of the French press is that it costs much less than popular coffee machines. We cannot forget that it is in an affordable size, so you can easily take it with you when traveling and it does not take up much space. The simplicity of the design means that you do not have to put much effort into its maintenance, and its versatility allows you to prepare various types of coffee or other drinks for your guests.

How to create the perfect coffee in a French press?

Many of you will probably have your own ways of brewing the perfect coffee in a French press, but let us share ours with you. You should start by purchasing selected coffee beans. Those available at are definitely characterized by this. You can choose from products such as:

  • Laurina - decaffeinated coffee
  • Coto Brus White Honey - coffee with a hint of chocolate
  • Tarrazu Red Honey - coffee with a hint of honey and citrus
  • and many others

To create coffee step by step, first pull out the plunger with the strainer, then pour hot water to heat the vessel and pour it out. The next step will be to pour the coffee and here we estimate that the best solution will be 6g per 100 ml of water. The water should be between 88 and 90 degrees and you should soak it and wait 30 seconds. The remaining water must be poured and allowed to brew for 3 minutes, and the last step before drinking it will be to attach a plunger with a strainer and squeeze it with a slow and uniform movement.


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