Essential accessories for preparing alternative coffees at home

Aromatic, stimulating and deep in flavor - these are the features that ideal coffee should have.

You can't always afford a high-class professional coffee machine. For people who want to enjoy the unique taste of freshly ground coffee brewed in the right way, it is recommended to try alternative methods of brewing coffee. Although they are more time-consuming, the individual accessories are certainly cheaper, and the brew is often better than these automatic methods. Moreover, preparing alternative coffees can also be a hobby.

Freshly ground grains are the basis of the aroma

Buying ground coffee is not a good solution for people who care about rich taste sensations. Even a tightly closed package will not retain the freshness and aroma of the coffee. Therefore, when brewing coffee in an alternative way, it is worth focusing on grinding the beans just before brewing. A grinder will undoubtedly be useful for this, as it will properly take care of the grains full of valuable flavor. Noteworthy is the Mott Coffee high quality grinder , which has as many as 14 levels of coffee grinding. This is an ideal solution for those who prepare their coffee using various brewing methods. The grinder grinds the grains evenly thanks to the high engine power of 200W. This has a direct impact on the taste and aroma of the infusion. Moreover, the Mott Coffee grinder looks very professional and stylish, which is an additional advantage for refined baristas and coffee lovers.

The amount of coffee matters

Espresso, latte, cappuccino - each type of drink has a different coffee content. The strength and aroma largely depend on the type of beans, their origin, degree of grinding and preparation method. However, the amount of beans used to prepare fresh coffee is equally important. An electronic scale will certainly come in handy to prepare the perfect coffee at home. Alternative methods of preparing coffee, e.g. using Chemex or Dripp, are based on a precise amount of weighed beans. Therefore, when using these methods at home, it is worth having a sensitive and precise scale that will help you measure the perfect proportion of coffee. Thanks to it, you can appropriately strengthen or weaken the strength of the coffee, depending on your preferences. Just carefully measure the weight of the beans used for your perfect-tasting drink.

The perfect temperature is the perfect taste experience

Alternative preparation of coffee also involves the perfect temperature of water pouring over the ground beans. It is not true that the best coffee is the one poured with boiling water - especially in the case of Chemex or coffee makers. Too high a water temperature causes the drink to become bitter and lose its depth of flavor and aroma. To be sure what type of water you pour into your coffee, it is best to purchase an electric kettle with digital temperature control for your home. The clear display allows for precise heating of water, and the narrow drain allows for precise pouring of water into the vessel with ground coffee. Without such a kettle, no alternative method of brewing coffee will result in perfect, deep-tasting and aromatic coffee.


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