It's irresistible…

This is the biggest temptation in the coffee world. Most people react to it with an increased heart rate. It is difficult to access and valuable.


(I don't mean the special Japanese escort of course) is a legendary bean in the world of specialty coffee. It is a favorite among coffee lovers.

This is a unique variety of Arabica that needs unique conditions to develop. Arabica Panama Geisha is full of coffee richness. The flavors of jasmine, lily, blueberries, strawberries, honey and vanilla make this unique coffee delight with a whole range of flavors.

Fun fact

It is worth mentioning that Geisha from Panama was recently sold at auction for a staggering price of $1,029 for 0.495 kg!

Upcoming events

This unique coffee will appear in our roastery next year. We invite you for a subtle and unforgettable coffee experience ☕️


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