How to prepare espresso freddo?

What is espresso freddo?

Espresso freddo is one of the most popular coffees, prepared cold. It is very easy to prepare and has a unique taste. This drink is made from fresh coffee beans and is made in the form of espresso, so it is a strong, stimulating drink. It is served cold with ice cubes. It is very popular in Italy and Greece - this is where iced coffee gained popularity. They liked the iced coffee so much that they also created a recipe for classic iced espresso. It is a drink created on the basis of Frappe. It's worth trying espresso freddo on a trip to Greece, especially on vacation. However, you can easily prepare such coffee at home.

Espresso freddo – how to prepare it?

The recipe for espresso freddo is not complicated at all. You just need to have the basic ingredients at home. You can also additionally equip yourself with a special shaker, but this is not necessary. You can also use a clean jar with a lid instead.


  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • sugar (amount depending on preferences)
  • approx. 60 ml espresso (it is worth using freshly ground coffee beans)

A method of preparing:

First, you need to brew a double espresso and then pour it into a special shaker or jar. The next step is to add ice and sugar and shake the shaker or jar. Then pour the drink into a glass with additional ice cubes.

Capuccino Freddo - an alternative for those who like milky coffee

However, some people prefer coffee with milk. In this case, it is worth trying freddo capuccino, which is also made with espresso made from fresh coffee beans. It is also a cold coffee that can be successfully prepared on hot days. It's not difficult - just like espresso freddo. Here, simply pour the espresso into a glass filled with ice cubes and add milk foam on top. The Greeks prepare such coffee using special mixers, while at home an ordinary coffee frother is enough. It can be compared to frappe, but the difference is that frappe is made from instant coffee, while freddo is made from ground coffee.

On hot days, it is worth reaching for iced espresso freddo coffee or cappuccino freddo - the milk version. These drinks are particularly popular among the Greeks, where they were popularized. You can also make them in the comfort of your own home, using strong espresso or strong coffee prepared in a coffee maker and possibly adding milk. This coffee differs from frappe because it is prepared from freshly ground coffee beans. Frappe is prepared with instant coffee. It's worth choosing espresso freddo instead of frappe because it is a much healthier alternative.


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