How to prepare the perfect Americano coffee?

How to prepare the perfect Americano coffee?

Americano coffee is prepared on the basis of espresso, but the most important element is the selection of the right proportions of the brew in relation to the amount of water.

What water should you add to the infusion?

First of all, it is worth remembering that an Americano is actually an espresso (single or double), which will be additionally diluted with water. Some people simply call it black coffee or white coffee if it also contains milk or cream. However, the main question is what to supplement the infusion with so that it does not lose its valuable taste? Even in professional cafes, water is often added to espresso from the espresso boiler. This is a mistake because this water has a high degree of mineralization, which has a very negative effect on the taste of the coffee. A much better solution will be pure water with low mineralization, which does not disturb the taste of the infusion.

What proportions should you choose?

Choosing the right proportions of the amount of infusion to the amount of water is actually a key factor in preparing the perfect Americano coffee. Professional baristas assume that the portion of water should be approximately 150 g for a double espresso, which will be 36 g. Such numbers can be a starting point for further, possible modifications. This means that if coffee is prepared with a single espresso, the amount of water should not exceed 75g. You can also add milk to the drink - in this case, reduce the amount of water, as the milk will further dilute the infusion.

How to make the perfect Americano?

We now know what proportions to choose for an Americano, the only question remaining is how to properly prepare the coffee step by step? First of all, there is no good Americano coffee without good espresso, so it is worth choosing the highest quality beans available at the Mott Coffee store. In addition, they must be ground and brewed fresh so that the coffee does not lose its taste and natural aroma. As a rule, first pour water into the glass, then espresso. The water should not be hot - the optimal temperature is about 70 degrees, so it should be left to cool. Only at the very end can you add sugar, milk or flavored syrup to the coffee, although a classic Americano is simply diluted espresso, without any additional additives.

Stronger or weaker?

Whether Americano coffee will be stronger or weaker depends primarily on the type of beans (they also affect its taste, not only the intensity) and the proportion of water to the infusion. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that classic Americano coffee is less intense than espresso, but on the other hand it should not be too light. You can therefore modify the proportions to suit your needs when preparing coffee at home. Nevertheless, professional cafes should stick to one specific recipe from which the drink will be prepared. The most common mistake is not measuring the amount of water, but adding it to fill the cup.


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