Specialty coffee for the office - how to make the right choice?

Freshly ground coffee from an espresso machine is a perfect way to start a successful day at work. If your office welcomes clients and contractors every day, it is worth ordering a high-quality product that will delight them with its taste and aroma. Specialty coffee from a renowned roastery definitely stands out from other coffees with its depth of flavor and also has many valuable properties. Which product is worth choosing for a modern office?

Specialty coffee - what makes it special?

Specialty coffee is produced from beans that must be grown in precisely defined climatic conditions, thanks to which they are characterized by a pure and velvety taste and a unique fruity and floral aroma. A 100 gram sample of such coffee cannot contain a single unripe bean. And what else makes it stand out? Specialty coffee must meet the following conditions:

  • the beans are freshly roasted and come from a fresh harvest
  • the infusion is clean, has a delicate taste and is devoid of strong bitterness
  • is obtained using the best brewing methods
  • the customer can check where the beans come from and what each stage of production looked like

This unique product is eagerly chosen by professional baristas around the world. Carefully selected grains can be used to prepare an energetic infusion that will have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire body.

Tarrazu Yellow Honey - is it a good choice for the office?

Tarrazu Yellow Honey coffee is grown in Costa Rica at an altitude of 1,700 m above sea level. In a cool climate, the beans ripen slowly, which means they do not contain much caffeine. This product has a strong citrus flavor, making it perfect for preparing a morning espresso. Tarrazu Yellow Honey is a light-colored Arabica coffee that is pleasantly refreshing and has a sour aftertaste. When looking for the perfect coffee for the office, it is definitely worth considering this product because it not only tastes great, but also adds energy to action. Both employees and customers will be happy to drink such a brew. High quality beans and original aroma make the coffee perfect for important business meetings.

Coto Brus Natural - why is it worth it?

Specialty coffees delight with a wealth of flavors that customers will not find in mass-produced products. Coto Brus Natural are beans from Costa Rica, grown at an altitude of 1,200-1,800 m above sea level. This Arabica has a distinct cherry note and a delicate fruity aftertaste. It can be successfully used to prepare an aromatic espresso or an appetizing latte. Coto Brus Natural is the perfect choice for a corporate event because it goes perfectly with confectionery and various types of desserts. The unique composition of flavors has a stimulating effect, which will positively surprise your customers and make each meeting extremely successful. A deep coffee brew combined with the taste of summer fruit is a great proposition for lovers of freshly roasted coffee.

Specialty coffee is a premium product that can be ordered from a renowned roastery. Its preparation requires good quality grains, appropriate knowledge and high skills. This prestigious drink is perfect for the office. The beans can be conveniently ground in an espresso machine, which will allow you to extract their depth of flavor. Specialty coffee tastes great at any time of the year.


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