Mott Coffee - Speciality Coffee

Mott Coffee - Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffees

Specialty coffees are coffees of the highest quality.

  • They are characterized by the selection of grains at the harvest stage.
  • Strict control at every stage of preparation, from drying to firing.
  • The coffee is roasted slower to achieve higher quality and flavor.

Coffees for Mott Coffee

Coffees for Mott Coffee are processed using natural methods, which is why they have a distinctive and unique taste.

Collection and drying process

  • The coffee berries are picked by hand, the coffee is processed and naturally dried in the sun for 21 days for the so-called African tables, under the care of the grower.
  • In comparison, commercial coffees are dried in specially designed ovens, speeding up this natural and complete process.

Experience from Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, I was able to closely observe the entire process of preparing unique specialty coffee.


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