The best coffee for espresso

The history of this dark, intense drink dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the first espresso machine was created. The process of slow brewing of the best coffee beans allowed them to extract the unique taste and aroma of espresso, which has gained many fans. To this day, this classic method of preparation, requiring time and precision, is considered optimal by many lovers of the "little black dress". However, careful processing is not the only factor that allows you to fully enjoy your morning cup of this drink. Choosing the right blend of coffee beans from plantations located at the far ends of the world has a much greater impact on quality.

Espresso coffees – discover their intensity and aroma!

The word espresso, literally meaning "pressed coffee", conceals an extraordinary cup of dark, intense brew, decorated with brown, thick foam. When you drink it, a slightly bitter aftertaste remains on the palate, containing the very essence of the drink loved by crowds of gourmets. Although many people think that drinking it is the best way to start the day, it can charm you with its taste at any time. Most often, this drink is consumed plain, but it tastes equally great as a latte or cappuccino.

Coffee for preparing espresso

The key factor in the process of preparing the best espresso coffee is the degree of roasting of the beans, their high quality and freshness. These are the coffee berries that will release the most delicious flavor and aroma. To meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, we have prepared unique, carefully composed products from growers from distant corners of the world. You can find light, medium and dark roasted blends on the market. To prepare the best espresso, it is best to choose the latter two. The former are more acidic, which is not desirable in the case of a typical infusion consumed as a stand-alone drink, or as a base for latte or cappuccino.

Coffee beans from America, Asia and Africa

Not only the quality, but also the origin of the selected mixture is also of great importance for your drink. Each region is characterized by different types of soil and different climatic conditions. The aroma of the beans themselves depends on many factors. Air purity, rainfall, sunlight, plantation location, botanical variety, collection method and processing method. For example, espresso coffees brewed from the best Brazilian coffee varieties have a delicate aroma and mild taste, devoid of acidity. The largest plantations of these plants are located in South America, Central America, Africa and Asia, where the Arabica and Robusta varieties come from.

We invite you to a fascinating world where the best espresso coffee awaits lovers of a drink with a unique taste and delightful smell. Reach for the products available on our website and you will discover a unique experience of intensity and aroma.

Choose the highest quality beans matched to your favorite brewing method and enjoy your new favorite drink at any time.


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