Dlaczego Mott?

Why Mott?

The varieties sold at Mott Coffee Company are specialized, i.e. of the highest quality that cannot be compromised. As distributors and producers of specialty coffee in Poland, we produce and sell beans about which we know everything and for which we take full responsibility. Why? Because we treat them with the greatest professionalism and commitment, and our priority is always taste.

Quality that has taste

Here you will learn about the highest quality coffee, which is Specialty Coffee.

In our roastery, we focus on quality and taste, not commercialism. Our unique beans are imported straight from Costa Rica. Importantly, they are purchased directly from the grower. This relatively new concept in the coffee industry involves a personal relationship between the roaster or buyer and the grower. This means that Polish roasters, distributors and coffee producers who use this method of purchasing the product must have sufficient resources to visit farms regularly.

Despite the limitations, direct trade is a promising label, increasing the likelihood of good quality goods.

Specialty coffee

The beans sold at Mott Coffee Company are a specialized product, imported directly from the grower (Direct Trade), masterfully roasted in a high-quality oven. Direct trade is a form of supply practiced by some specialty coffee roasters and distributors in Poland, chocolate producers, tea sellers, etc., who build direct relationships with growers selling their products. After several years of searching for varieties with unique flavors, Mott Coffee has established cooperation with two selected growers from Costa Rica.

Drying coffee beans

After harvesting the coffee berries, the beans are processed and naturally dried in the sun for 21 days for the so-called African tables, under the care of the grower. For comparison, commercial varieties are dried in specially designed ovens, speeding up this completely natural process.

The beans offered by the producer, distributor and Polish specialty coffee roastery Mott Coffee in Tarnów are processed using natural methods, which is why they have a distinct and smooth taste.


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