Czym jest cascara?

What is cascara? Healthy coffee tea

Cascara, what is it? It's a Spanish word meaning "peel." This is the natural skin that surrounds the coffee seeds.

To obtain it, first the pulp is removed from the coffee beans and then left to dry in full sun. This process gives cascara an intense fruity flavor and pleasant acidity. Importantly, cascara infusion contains only a small amount of caffeine, which may be important for some people.

Cascara is perfect for brewing as a tea. Cascara infusion resembles dried fruit, with notes of dried plums and honey. It also has a subtle acidity that balances the sweetness. To obtain the perfect taste, it is important to pour the appropriate amount of water over the herbs and wait about 4 minutes.


Cascara - the peel of the coffee fruit, is not only a tasty alternative to coffee, but also a valuable plant with numerous health-promoting properties. Vegetable tannins present in cascara support digestion, improve intestinal peristalsis and have anti-inflammatory properties, so they can help quickly cleanse the body. Cascara may also help regulate bowel movements and support intestinal cleansing. It is also intended to prevent undigested food from fermenting inside the intestines.

You can find dietary supplements containing cascare in pharmacies. However, an infusion of this plant can be an excellent way to benefit from its beneficial properties. To prepare a delicious hot cascara drink, simply pour 5 g of coffee fruit peels with hot water at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Leave everything covered for 5 minutes. Of course, the proportions can be adjusted to your own taste preferences and the desired strength of the infusion.

If you prefer a refreshing drink, it is worth trying cold brew with cascara. To do this, pour cold water over the herbs and leave in the refrigerator for a few hours. The resulting drink is not only refreshing, but also full of fruity notes, which makes it an ideal choice for the summer heat. It is worth adding that coffee fruit peels are very popular in countries such as Ethiopia, where spices such as ginger or cinnamon are added to them to obtain a warming drink perfect for the autumn and winter period.

Cascara, what is it? It's a Spanish word meaning


Cascara is a dried coffee fruit that is gaining popularity due to its stimulating and health-promoting properties. However, many people are concerned that casara contains a lot of caffeine, just like traditional coffee. Nothing could be further from the truth!


One liter of brewed casara contains approximately 110 mg of caffeine. In comparison, one cup of espresso can contain over 2000 mg of caffeine! The differences are huge, so instead of drinking several cups of coffee a day, it is worth introducing cascara into your diet.


In addition to its low caffeine content, casara infusion also has stimulating properties and at the same time is very light in taste. Moreover, casara can improve intestinal peristalsis and support the functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, if you want to try a delicious casara drink, we invite you to try our cascara, which you can find in our store .


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