Nowy spos贸b kupowania kawy

A new way of buying coffee

Our look at the world of coffee

It brings with it a fascinating concept where the buyer connects personally with the Grower. In practice, this means that coffee lovers like us, choosing this path, decide to visit plantations regularly. Our Microlots are small but unique farms that provide harvests of the most perfect coffee beans in the world, with a precisely defined pedigree.

Thanks to this, we can track every stage, from the coffee variety to the processing process.

Care for quality

This extraordinary care of our farmers for our coffee, which shows itself in its intense and rich taste and smell, makes small Costa Rican Microlots become more and more independent. They are characterized by exceptional attention to quality and production conditions. That's why our coffee is not just coffee, it is a work of art that you can taste with every drop.

Experience and support

By drinking our coffee from Microlots, you experience unforgettable moments and at the same time support the traditional technology of processing coffee beans by our growers. Our Microlots produce unique and fine coffee that combines not only taste, but also passion and tradition.

We invite you to discover something unique in the world of coffee. 鈽曫煂


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